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Here at Goldwell we believe in outstanding quality of our services. Our expertise in the field of restorations allows us to present our clients with the best possible solution. We work with each and every client to satisfy their requirements in terms of quality and price of the finished product or service. Whether it is an interior or exterior restoration (renovation) project, our clients can always expect optimal quality of workmanship.

About Goldwell

Established in 1986, Goldwell Inc. is a company with many years
of experience in residential, commercial and industrial renovations
and restorations.

We take pride in our reputation that we have earned in the past years for quality work at a fair price often taking on the projects where others cannot manage. Our continuing commitment to excellence resulted in many valuable relationships with homeowners, interior designers and project managers alike.

Today, we continue to deliver exceptional quality to our customers by providing them with the second to none workmanship and by participating
in a variety of trade shows and product demonstrations.

As a small company, we have effective control over the quality of our services. This fact, in conjunction with our professionalism and expert knowledge, allows us to proudly offer our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are looking forward to working for you.

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Chris Szymsiuk - CEO

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