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Picture of exceptional Goldwell work

Goldwell specializes in concrete restoration, protection and decoration. We are also specialists in the field of concrete maintenance and beautification. With lots of options and many different designs we've got solutions to renew, restore or redecorate just about any concrete surface. From crack repairs to color change, we make old concretes look brand new. We can also give new concrete a completely different look and feel with the help of stains and overlays.

It is important to know that unsightly concrete does not have to be necessarily replaced with a new one. There are ways to bring back the beauty of existing surfaces that are far less expensive and time consuming than installation of a new slab. Whether it is interior or exterior surface, a floor or a wall, we know how to make it look good again.

Having at our disposal all those modern solutions Goldwell makes sure that our work not only looks great but also stands the test of time. For full range of our services please refer to the chart below.

  • slab replacement
  • leveling
  • parging
  • sloping
  • waterproofing
  • parging
  • sealing
  • non-slippery finish for stairs
  • anti-graffiti finish
  • staining
  • color change
  • concrete overlays

Driveways • Sidewalk • Stairs • Swimming pools • Decks
Foundations • Retaining walls • Balconies • Flat roofs
Patios • Garage floors • Basements