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What are epoxy and polymer overlays?

Epoxy and polymer modified overlays are durable, transparent , color protective and/or decorative coatings. They can be applied to many concrete floors, plywood subfloors or even to existing ceramic tile floors. Some of those finishes can be odourless, non-flammable, non-toxic and VOC-free.

Epoxy overlays create monolithic systems with subfloors. However in order to achieve proper adhesion, correct surface preparation is absolutely necessary. This step is often overlooked in spite of being the most important phase of epoxy application. It cannot be stressed enough that long lasting results are not possible without the preparation done right.

In addition to epoxy and polymer modified overlays we specialize in installation polyurea, polyaspartic and urethane products.

POLYUREA products are an attractive epoxy replacement offering fast drying solution with much less expensive installation procedure. Thanks to its quick installation polyurea is recommended solution for businesses by minimizing their downtime.

POLYASPARTIC coatings are used in areas where superior durability is required. Being three times stronger than epoxy and much more abrasion resistant makes them number one choice for industrial and commercial applications.

Why epoxy?

When durability and ease of maintenance are top priorities, epoxy and polymer modified overlays became number one floor coatings. Some of the most important advantages (especially epoxy) are:

  • some epoxy overlays are non-toxic and VOC-free as opposed to tiles and wooden flooring
  • one of a kind finishes
  • bacteria killing properties
  • easy maintenance
  • greater scratch resistance
  • better chemical resistance
  • outstanding moisture resistance (perfect for trapping humidity of basement and garage floors)
  • smooth surface with no joins (as opposed to tiles where grout collects dirt and bacteria)
  • indoor as well as outdoor applications
  • outdoor epoxies can be UV resistant
  • wormer than tiles
  • can overlap walls creating half-rounded corners (so called coving) reducing bacteria and mold growth
  • UV resistance of outdoor overlays

With epoxy overlays maintaining floor is easy and does not require strong chemicals. Moreover, strong solvents are not recommended
for cleaning this type of surfaces. With a simple care you can enjoy your floor for years to come.

Decoration and protection

Depending on areas of application epoxy overlays can serve as decorative or protective floor finishes - or both. Variety of this type
of overlays makes them perfect for many residential and commercial applications alike. It is also important to notice that epoxies can also be applied to walls. In the right column we list some example areas suitable for such finishes.


10 reasons to finish floor with epoxy

1 BEAUTIFICATION - this is the most obvious reason,but not tobeoverlooked .The difference is like night and day.With thousands of possible garage flooring epoxy,flake,stained and top coatcombination youcan find the right look that fits your home and style.

2 PROPERTY VALUE - Another not so obvious one would be that a finished garage floor actually increases the value of your home . In fact, a lot of builders these days install garage flooring prior to placing the home on the market to fetch a prettier penny! The Garage is the new front door!

3 CLEAN - A garage floor coated with epoxy is EXTREMELY easy to clean.Concrete is naturally porous,so dirt,oil and other chemicals enter into the tiny pores of the concrete and are impossible to get out,therefore causing it to dull and stain.Garage floor coatings act as a sealant,allowing you to simply rinse or brush away dirt,grime,and oil.

4 MORE LIGHT - Garage flooring systems generally include a glossy topcoat that is impressively reflective .This can help with lightning issues even in the most dingy of garages! Many people find it's even plausible to take out some of theexisting lightning to save money on electricity while still maintaining great visibility.

5 GO GREEN - Sealing your garage floor concrete is one way to do your part in saving our environment ! This eliminates oil,brake fluid ,and other nasty chemicals from leaking into the ground from your garage floor.This coupled with the fact that you could reduce lightning due to your new garage floor's reflective properties gets you 2green thumbs up !

6 KEEPS YOU ON YOUR FEET - A wet or oily concrete floor can be hazardous and quite in these litigious times,a liability !The finish of your garage flooring system performs more just the obvious function of looking cool; it's non-slippery,environmentally friendly not toxic floor.

7 REDUCE MVE - Moisture Vapor Emission is a common problem in coastal areas and occurs when moisture vapor rises up through the concrete.Not only will this wreck your concrete but it can also cause your vehicles to rust. When selecting your epoxy garage flooring system this is something especially important to consider.

8 STOP CONCRETE EROSION - Alkali when coupled with moisture can cause serious problems for your garage floor concrete .If there are existing alkaline and moisture issues ,the concrete must be properly prepped to prevent adhesion failures but once your garage flooring has been properly installed ,it will help combat concrete erosion inherently caused by these phenomenon.

9 EXPRESS YOURSELF - Not only do you have your choice of base coat epoxy,flake color and level of gloss but you have a choice of concrete stain,personal design or any image or logo.Make your garage floor your own!

10 STAY ORGANIZED - Naturally a clean ,attractive garage floor is going to motivate you to keep your new extension of your living space looking good and highly functional.

WELL THERE YOU GO - 10 reasons to get your garage flooring system installed.This isn't something you want to cut cost on,your garage flooring system if applied properly and good products are used can last you a lifetime Call Us For Free Advice and Estimate.