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  1. QUESTION 1: Is everyday clean up included in your contract?

    Yes, we clean every day in order to keep working areas trash free and safe. This practice ensures that the following working day will run smoothly and efficiently. Since the beginning of the company, we have been practicing that to ensure the efficiency of the next working day.

  2. QUESTION 2: Can you work during night hours if needed?

    Yes. If requested we can work night shifts. This may be especially appealing to our commercial and institutional customers who are very busy during regular working hours.

  3. QUESTION 3: What are your acceptible forms of payment for the project?

    We accept all major credit cards, cheques and direct deposits.


  4. QUESTION 4: Are you a fully insured contractor with full safety training?

    Yes. We are an insured contractor with all the necessary trainings and certifications to complete our projects safely and in a professional manner.

  5. QUESTION 5: Are your estimates free of charge?

    Yes. Our project estimates are always free of charge for our customers. The free estimate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

  6. QUESTION 6: Can I obtain references directly from your previous clients?

    Yes, we can provide our customers with the phone numbers of our recent clients whenever the final confirmation of the quality of our services is required. Please keep in mind that this is the last stage before signing the contract with us.

  7. QUESTION 7: Are your warranties an integral part of the contract?

    Yes. You can find it in one of the subsections of a contract. It will be also clearly explained if such a need arises.