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Picture of exceptional Goldwell work

Our experience and high quality of work make us one of the most trusted interior painting contractors in the GTA. Over the years we painted numerous homes, high-rise buildings, condos, and churches. We also partner with RONA as their contractor.

Just recently we have also built our own facility for spraying. However, it does not ends here. We have highly qualified team of professional sprayers painting on location for our residential and commercial clients.

What can you expect from us?

Our painters arrive on time at your location. They will set up their tools and paints. After that, walls will be prepared, primed and painted. We will be also cleaning at the end of every day.

There is more to almost any painting project than painting alone. For a list of additional services (if part of the contract) please go here.

  • furniture moving and covering with plastic
  • floor protection
    (paper on hardwood and tiles, dropsheets on carpets)
  • removal of electrical outlets and fixtures
  • covering of kitchen cabinets, railings etc.
  • preparation of walls, trims and baseboards
    (sending, caulking, plastering, skim coating)
  • clean-up at the end of the day
  • introduction to the next day schedule

As a standard, we provide our clients with:

  • Free color consultation and advice (when contract is signed)
  • Free professional advice and detailed estimates
  • Checking for nail pops and cracked trim openings - free after 1 year
  • 5 years warranty from Goldwell Ltd
  • Professional preparation (on walls, trims, doors, ceilings)
  • Protection of all floors with clean drop sheets or waterproof paper
  • Using clean plastic wraps to protect furniture and lamps
  • Cleaning after each work day
  • Excellent manners
  • Adhering to the schedule
  • Supervision on the job
  • Using VOC-free materials