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Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) is changing the face of architecture. More and more builders and home owners choose acrylic coatings over conventional building systems. The reason behind that is that this particular type of product is recognized for maximizing energy savings and reducing moisture penetration of walls. With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of products we can assure our clients that such systems are virtually maintenance free and cost competitive. Variety of colors, shapes, textures and dimensions create a new modern design.

EIFS offers the freedom of design that is flexible and versatile, incorporating curves, bends and sculpted details. Architectural coatings are ideal for creating that rich authentic look of the fine stonework. Many restoration projects proved to be more cost effective than demolition. EIFS gives a new life and style to the old buildings. Home owners choose EIFS for their cost efficiency, simplicity, beauty and value.

EIFS are designed to be very flexible, which makes them highly crack resistant, if installed correctly. Also, this system will not get loose. When walls expand or contract due to the change of temperatures, these systems are resilient enough to absorb building movement; thus, avoiding the unsightly cracking problems that are so common with concrete and brick exteriors.