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We offer variety of decorative finishes for walls and ceilings. One of such finishes is california knock-down. This type of finish has many advantages. It is easy to repair, requires minimum maintenance and it can be color washed with glaze or metallic finish for exceptional looks. Finishes such as this are ideal for hiding surface imperfections and creating
of uniform looks.

We also repair and remove “popcorn ceilings”. If there is a need forpopcorn removal, there are two possible solutions. We either plaster the “popcorn” finish (if it was previously painted)
or remove it and then skim coat the ceiling (if “popcorn ceiling” was never painted).

We spot fix “popcorns” too. When the fix of damaged surface
is complete, the fix itself is invisible.

Skim coating of walls is possible as well. It is done in order
to create a uniform texture or smooth surface on the wall.