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Kate and Richard Fisher
- Mississauga

“Kate and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work that Goldwell Restoration has just completed at our home.

Like many other homeowners who face the daunting task of havig to make significant restorations and/or renovations to their homes, we were not looking forward to the process of having to select a contractor, and then rely on our intuition that we had made the right choice. After reviewing several well-known contractors' quotes(including yours) we made our final decision to select Goldwell Restoration based ao the following:

1. Your quote was well presented and more importantly covered all the detailed information we needed to make an informed decision.
2. While your quoted price was not the lowest we received, it did covered all the contingencies such as the temporary removal of toilet fixtures, wall mirrors, etc. in order to prepare and paint the walls professionally. None of the other quotes contained this information.
3. Kate was especially impressed with daily cleanup costs included in your quote, which certainly helped in her decision making.

Well now when the work is finished we can reflect on the job well done, and that we certainly made the right decision when we chose your company.

Your daily supervision of the work being done on our home was invaluable to us. Your team was very professional and courteus (and always on time!). They cleaned up every day, allowing us to get on with our routine with a minimum of disruption. Thanks Adam, Joseph and Piter.

We love our home all over again, and your work has given it a new lease on life!

We would delfinitely recommend Goldwell Restoration to anyone considering redecorating their home.

Thank you for caring about our home as if it were your own, Chris.”

Kate and Richard Fisher

- Cabbagetown

“Stucco outside of home Goldwell Ltd. does much more than just painting, thank goodness. I've had horrendous experiences with other contractors (I'd love to name names). Goldwell came from heaven. Chris presented a to-the-penny quote, started and finished the job on time, with no hidden or extra charges and their friendly manner made it a pleasure to deal with them.

Patricia, Goldwell's office manager, always greeted my calls with a cheery attitude. And, unlike some unspoken rule of other contractors, GOLDWELL RETURNS CALLS... PROMPTLY! Amazing, isn't it? They run a business like a business.

Their work was perfect. I've recommended Goldwell Painting to my neighbors with confidence.

I think the 'Gold' in the Goldwell name is symbolic of their high standard of excellence.”

Larry Frank,